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educating the public about all aspects of dance..

2019 DanceFest Millford Festival Schedule

 May 17th,18th &19th 2019
Coming up next:
November 16th&17th 2019
Tickets $30.Seniors/students 18 years old $15. (under 18 Free)

The Bang Group, Tina Croll Dance Company,

Hanna Q Dance Company, DanielRose Project

From the roots of modern dance to the latest in contemporary performance,

 DanceFest Milford offers a stage for renowned and emerging dance companies.







The 2019 festival will feature a wild range of performances, workshops. A daring and intriguing set of artist will take over downtown Milford with a series of site specific performances.


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Pat &Richard Cantor

Mrs.Brenda Ruello

Mary Cooney&Steve Buma